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Wisdom Bead IQ Puzzle


Wisdom Bead IQ Puzzle

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Wisdom Bead IQ Puzzle

Place the fixed position of colored beads on the triangular platform as shown in the manual. The player then use the remaining beads to fill up the "black spaces" form a "colored triangular platform" as shown below:

IQ Concept which mean "Exercise That Brain"

IQ concept is an IQ puzzle and a mind game which stimulates thinking ability, enhances memory and improve problem solving skills, especially, young children. It is advisable that a new player should begin from the elementary stage , then go to intermediate before attempting the advanced or Expert level.

IQ CONCEPT requires a great deal of patience and perseverance. An Excellent game to EXCERCISE THE BRAIN. An EXCELLENT GIFT for both children and adults too!

-44 levels of Elementary
-68 levels of Intermediate
-68 levels of Advanced
-total of 20,000 solutions
-provided total of 180 questions and specialist's commented guide

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