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The Sun Geyser


The Sun Geyser

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The Sun Geyser

Also Great For CAMPING!

How does the Sun Geyser Work?

A heavy duty black solar water heater facing the sun at an angle, is manually filled up with water. The black front panel is heated up by the sun,  which transfers the heat to the water inside the geyser. An insulated panel on the side not facing the sun prevents the heated water from cooling down again.  When the sun sets, the front black panel is covered with the green  insulation panel, which secures an all round insulation to the geyser.

  • No installation. No tools needed.

  • It provides running water inside the house as the geyser can be moved around. A shower head can easily be mounted.

  • Depending on the quantity of water in the heater and weather conditions, the water can be heated up to as high as 60+ degrees Celsius.

How much water does the Sun Geyser Heats up?

The Sun Geyser heats up 25 liters of water, which should normally be cooled down with cold water to the required temperature. According to research in our target market the average household in our target market heats up less than 25 liters of water per day for household purposes. If more hot water is required a second, third or fourth heater can easily be applied.


The possibility of theft is minimal as the heater has no recycling value. To link a Sun Geyser to a household and to further prevent any possible illegal removal, a permanent phone number or address can be put on the green area.

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