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Sock Organizer


Sock Organizer

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Sock Organizer

Sock Organizer Easy Clips & Locks Paired Socks without Ties Bags for Laundry wash Tumble Dry Store and Never Lose Socks


Unique design: Two in One accessory stores lost socks in washing machine/Tumble Dry adjustable regulator fit and close dirty socks. 

3 easy steps: Wash dry and hanging in your wardrobe Sock never separates from it's mate foot shaped hanger fits in a cabinet or over door handle.

Works with all size: Adults socks Baby socks and children socks can also be used for other small things like gloves and hats. 

A lot of fun: Fun for boys and girls to help with washing socks tidy and organised and cord does not bleed or fade.

Cool organizer to hang in the wardrobe: No snap or matching clean socks and saves space eliminates the need for a sock drawer and each holds approx 9 pairs of socks. 

Package Includes:

1 x Foot Hook

1 x Rope

Ideal for:

Are you sick of the search for matching socks? 

Then look no further than this handy sock organiser. It is simple and easy to wash dry and store socks. It is one of the only dual purpose sock loss prevention and storage system to make your life a little easier... no more sorting or trying to match pairs together.

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