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Pill Pro Organiser


Pill Pro Organiser

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Pill Pro Organiser

Pill Pro lets you conveniently organize your pills in 7 removable, portable trays – each marked for a different day of the week. Each tray has 4 compartments for morning, afternoon, evening and nighttime medication. When you pull one day's tray out of the bottom, the next day's tray slides down. Simply remove the top to refill. The trays are compact to fit in your pocket or purse so you never leave your pills behind again.



  • Every pill in its place for the whole week

  • Organizes pills & vitamins by day and time of day

  • Each day's pills are divided into 4 compartments labeled for morning, afternoon, evening and bedtime.

  • Helps keep your carriers is accurate and on time no matter where you are

  • Slim 4½ "tall x 4" wide compact size can be kept at hand

  • Never miss a dosage, every pill has its place for the entire week​

  • Each tray is removable, never leave your pills behind or carry bulky bottles again

  • Helps keep your doses accurate and on time no matter where you are

  • Never forget to take your pills again

  • The 7 portable trays inside let you will organize your pills and vitamins for each day of the week

  • No more guesswork! Removable cover makes it easy to refill the case time and time again.

  • Sleek and Discreet Design Never carry bulky bottles and never leave your medication behind again

  • Sleek-designed trays are discreet and easily fit in purses and pockets to take with you wherever you go

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