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Perfect Pancake Pan


Perfect Pancake Pan

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Perfect Pancake Pan


Makes 4 Mini pancakes at a time...


Perfect Pancake Pan The fast, easy spatula-free way to make four perfect pancakes! Makes 4 pancakes at the same time! Picture perfect every time. If you're tired of pancakes that NEVER seem to turn out right, then you need the Perfect Pancake pancake maker!

Just pour in the batter, close the always-cool handle, and flip for four perfect, fluffy pancakes!

Feel free to make your favorite fruit-filled flapjacks

And, you can cook more than just pancakes! Cook four eggs with perfect yolks every time!

Quickly and easily make your favorite fruit-filled flapjacks, chocolate chip pancakes or gingerbread pancakes!

With the always-cool handle and the spatula-free cooking, you can make making pancakes a family affair.





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