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My Job Playing Cards


My Job Playing Cards

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My Job Playing Cards


36 Cards, 12 Different Vacations

Each vacation consists of 3 different cards, heads/shoulders, torso/waist, legs/feet

Silhoutte cards at the back to improve reading

4 Games to Play

My Job - Find all 3 cards to complete the person

My Job Memory - Place all of the cards face down on a table, take turns to turn over 3 cards, if the cards makes up a set you gets to keep them, the person with most sets is the winner

My Job Rummy - Each person should get 3 cards, the rest of the cards are placed in the middle, each person takes turns to pick up a card, if the card matches one of the cards they are allready holding they must keep the card but through a nother card away.  Ones the player has a set of 3 cards they must place it infront of them.  The player who gets rid of their cards first is the winner.

My Job My Way - Make up your own job by mixing and matching the head, torso and feet cards.  This is a funny way of allowing the childs to express his creativity.  He could make up a story about this person and what he dies for a living.  The opportunities are endless.

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