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Hair Removing Cream 100ml


Hair Removing Cream 100ml

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Hair Removing Cream 100ml



Plant extractions can remove unwanted body hair thoroughly and mildly and tender and smooth your skin painlessly.

Suitable to be used in armpit, arm, leg, chest and other body parts.

Suitable for most skin types and not easy to get allergic.

Portable size is convenient to use anytime and anywhere.

Mild ingredients and smooth texture will remove your unwanted hairs comfortably, while nourish, moisturize and tender your skin to make your skin become smoother, tenderer and brighter. Jojoba seed oil can relieve the dryness, roughness and other problems resulting from hair removal.

Function: Removing Unwanted Hairs in Armpit, Arm, Leg, Chest and Other Body Parts

How To Use:

Soften the unwanted hairs with warm towel or take a bath in warm water.

Apply the cream to desired area evenly with the thickness that can cover the hairs totally.

Note:Please store in normal temperature and cool place.


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