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Foot Bath Antibacterial Soap


Foot Bath Antibacterial Soap

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Foot Bath Antibacterial Soap

Function and Application:

Skin tinea disease, itching, eczema, genital itching, skin itchy by nettle rash infected by bacteria and fungus.  Sterilization, itching relieving and beriberi eliminating.  Athlete's feet, feet odor, feet tinea, feet itch, feet fester, hands and feet exfoliation, hands and feet cracking, psoriasis, tinea manuum, tinea corporis, jock itch, onychomycosis and variety of skin discomfort and so.  It has a strong effect on inhibiting bacteria, relieving itching and repairing damaged cells comprehensively, relieving itching thoroughly.


Wet and foam the soap evenly and gently by hands, apply to feet for several seconds and then wash with clean water

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